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Bit:Bot Robot

RM 196.00

We are the authorised reseller for BBC micro:bit.

Bit:Bot is a robot car you can integrate with your BBC micro:bit.

This ready-assembled robot requires no soldering, no wires and nothing more than a screwdriver to complete it.

The Bit:Bot fully engages children to explore and code the BBC micro:bit.   Not to mentioned it is astonish beautiful. 

This kit includes:

  • 2 micro-metal gear motors.  For both speed and direction (forward)
  • 12 mini neopixels in 2 sets of 6 along the arms either side. 
  • 2 digital line following sensors. 
  • 2 analog light sensors.   
  • Buzzer
  • Sold separately - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (rangefinder) module. 

Please note: 

  • BBC micro:Bit, batteries and Ultrasonic Sensor are NOT included. 
  • Bit:Bot version - 1.0

Kids learn Python and JavaScript programming and at the same time, learn how to build cool Robot using electronics components.

All prices are net!  There is no GST.  

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