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PlayGround for BBC Micro:Bit - Happy Kit (Microbit)

RM 250.00

Playground for BBC Micro:Bit - Happy Kit

This is an exciting new way to use your micro:bit, with addon components, but without requiring crocodile clips which can be difficult for small people to use..  Also, this new approach allows the use of a single cable for most addons, instead of 3 crocodile clips

This Happy Kit Includes:

  • Playground for Micro:Bit (Micro:Bit is not included)
  • 4 x Connection Cables
  • Dial Gizmo
  • Light Sensor
  • Touch Sensor
  • Buzzer Gizmo
  • Blaze NeoPixels
  • 2 x Flame Gizmos


  • Fittings for your BBC micro:bit (micro:bitnot included, unless selected)
  • Battery holder for 2xAA batteries permanently fitted (batteries not included)
  • Sturdy On/Off switch
  • Blue power indicator LED
  • White LEDs on all 3 inputs to show when active
  • All Micro:Bit Input / Outputs are brought to croc clip compatible connectors so you can continue to use existing components
  • Each new connector includes the signal as well as power and ground
  • Fast and easy to connect

Gizmos - Available now

Many Gizmos are already available and more are on the way. Each Gizmo connects directly to the Playground with usually one connection cable. 

The Gizmos are colour coded:

  • Blue - Digital Input (eg. Button)
  • Yellow - Analog Input (eg. Dial)
  • Black - Digital Output (eg. Buzzer)
  • Red - Analog Output (eg. motors)
  • White - Smart pixels ("Sparkles")

Please note: BBC Micro:Bit and batteries are NOT included. 

Free shipping within Malaysia only. 

All prices are net!  There is no GST.  

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